Who is Ron Eibel? Some fun facts

Some honest and hopefully fun facts about me:

I’m tall (6’4) and have had graying hair and a beard since my early 20’s. During winter I let my beard grow out so I look more like Santa – it amuses my nieces a teeny tiny bit. Also keeps my face warm.

I work in graphics/ am the manager of the graphic dept of a high-tech manufacturing/fulfillment company for now 19 years. Prior to that I had jobs from metal recycling to fixing Mac computers.

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William Roe/Cane Parkway Speedway

As I waited for a safe moment to get back home from the Newmarket Music Fest this past weekend I spent a few minutes and spoke with a Mom who had guided her daughter on a bike across this intersection. And she like me agreed (and has been saying now for years – also like me) that the intersection of CANE PARKWAY AND WILLIAM ROE NEEDS A 3 WAY STOP.

If you have a moment check what I already wrote about this back in 2016…and 2014….

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The Battle ahead – what I am asking of you, the people of Ward 5

I have always put duty ahead of my own wants. Ask my family.

I have and always will pay for my own lunch. Might buy you yours though.

I am stubborn, perhaps naively so, that I do not want peoples money. I will spend as much as I can, but as I will when I am ward 5 councillor – within a fixed budget.

But here is what I do want.

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Pictures of me

There are not a lot of photos of me as the bulk of the time I am the one taking pictures…if you want to see some of my photos click here. I do have a favour to ask over the next while though if you like what I stand for and think I am an OK guy if you see me out and about –  please lets take a selfie together!
My Thanks to my fantastic sister, the majestic Glenn Rodger,  and my iphone for the above photos.