No one should be left out of having fun.

A member of my family was born with a disability, and to this day I am so very proud of what his family did and continue to do – they raised him just like a regular kid and have given him every opportunity to be just that.

The world is bastard at times, a lot of the time, and to say the world is fair is lunacy but if you want to give all kids a chance, a shot at kicking all that’s bad in the arse – they should not be forced to sit on the sidelines and watch.

Our playgrounds as they are, when they are open and not sinking into the ground like this one:


are not inclusive nor accessible to all kids. In today’s world that’s not right.

Having an inclusive/accessible playground is a core “want” I have. And it’s a big one as this sort of thing is not done on the cheap – cannot be done on the cheap. So we start small and let it grow….you know just like kids do.

What I want is to start with one inclusive/accessible play park, and no not some mini version of Wonderland. I want some swings (not gated off like the above) that all kids can swing on, something called a roller table which is sort of a horizontal slide to get kids moving, and sensory panels (the ones with steering wheels and giant clock gears to spin and pull). And whatever we start with we set it all up on a surface that is accessible to all.

What kid does not like to swing? And why should they not all be allowed to have a turn?



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