The Clock Tower – here is more what I think fits and what the Street could handle

Over this past weekend I took it upon myself to step away from the actual pounding of pavement of this ward to pounding the keys of my computer (actually mostly mouse work) so that I could better visualize what I think is more of what Main street wants instead of the giant 7 story bloat no one asked for.

Behold I give you “The Clock Tower-with extra clock tower down Park Ave and a massive open terrace on the roof.


Again this is not an actual plan but with as much care and scale as I could adhere to and muster, I created something that does not overwhelm Main street, does not need nearly as much time to build and would also not require the now proposed digging down 3 stories to accommodate all the parking that the much larger 7 storey design would require.

During this by-election others may think a deal is already done, while other candidates are either jumping on the 3 stories not 7 bandwagon late, or are not stating their position with any clarity either way. There is only one candidate who has been consistent and unwavering since before the by-election was called and is your strongest voice to preserve the heritage of Main street and ensure developers abide by the 3 storey height limit: that guy would be Me.


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