A brief history of my campaigns so far…and the first post for 2018!


A brief history of my previous campaigns to become Ward 5 councillor.

2014: There was no one else running against the incumbent so I put my name on the ballot – had never been given a free pass on any job I had held so why should they?  Had no idea what to expect and was as green as most of my garden – was literally an “army of one. Walked most of the ward myself, the only sign I had was this one my Mom made for me and I did not lose  so much as that I was never really in it.


2016: the by-election. This time it was a crowded house but in the beauty that is Newmarket everyone (for the most part) played nice – I am proud to say that most of the people I ran against are people that I not only respect but were and became friends. This time I had signs, built my own website, had a small loyal team and used the opportunity to show people my honest, grounded passion about this town and the good people I had the joy of meeting.


2018: It’s just Bob and me this time – no vote splitting to soften the blow of defeat for either. Being honest I almost did not run – to summarize and move forward I was in a situation that family will always come first and my aspirations second. But with gloriously grand news I can now move forward with my campaign.

If you don’t think anyone cares about who you are, or that your voice and your concerns do not count, I get it.

I am you.

And this time around is the time to change that.



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