Sign Wars 2018


In 2016 Ward 5 was awash in a sea of campaign signs of the current councillor. I expect that a lot of those signs went back into storage for 2018 – and hopefully, this time will remain there.

I too have signs have signs in storage from 2016. Nowhere near as many on a more frugal budget they are all of a small size that do not block out the sun or otherwise detract from your lawns and gardens as much.

I would like to get as many of these signs out into the ward this time. And as before I will deliver them myself and hopefully do so at a time that you are at home so I can personally thank you.

And if anyone wants one of those BIG signs well I am having a few of them printed up too. But really if you can make space on your lawn for one of the small ones that would be an absolute joy.

Let me know anytime – if you can send a text with your address to 416 835 9822 or shoot me an email at

that would be super cool.



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