Preserving our heritage – what I have actually done and continue to do.

In 2016 no candidate was more open and honest about how they stood against the proposed development of our vulnerable Clock Tower, and instead wished to preserve the heritage of Main Street.

In 2018 nothing has changed.

At the open house hosted by The Newmarket Chamber of Commerce people could see and hear my passion in both protecting the Clock Tower and also preserving the way of life of the many businesses on Main Street.

During the Q&A also hosted by the Chamber,  most of the other candidates and myself all held true to “3 stories no more – protect our heritage”. We all stood with the people of Main street against the developer.

The current incumbent did not.

During my campaign I made this:

And this:

And  after the campaign, staying true to my commitment to preserving our heritage I made this:

And the other side:


Oh and lets not forget I was also the guy who dropped this front and centre at the Town Hall Deputations for and against the Clock Tower development BEFORE the 2016 by-election:

After the 2016 campaign, I joined the Heart of Newmarket , the small determined group of people who were, with the town and the developer, the only parties with standing at the OMB hearing.

All this shows just how serious and important preserving the heritage of this town I call home is to me.










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