The Good

A great town is made up of great people and here are a few groups of people that go that extra mile to make the town that much better. And yes, I am a member of each of them. NTAG (Newmarket Taxpayers Advocacy Group). Other than stepping away from NTAG for campaigning I have been a member of this group since 2014. A small yet powerful core of bright people dedicated to holding our town council to a high standard of financial accountability and transparency by using the power of FOI requests. What NTAG uncovers and publishes are facts – not conjecture.   The Heart of Newmarket – the original. Not to be confused with any other current local websites or taglines, this organization was founded by a group of concerned  and passionate citizens following the 2016 by-election to bring greater focus and public interest on preserving the culture and built heritage of the entire town Newmarket. The group is notable as the ONLY party (with the town and the developer) with standing at the OMB hearing in regards to the at the time possible 6-7 story development of the vulnerable clock tower. I should mention on a personal note the group includes 2 ward 5 2016 by-election candidates – but not the current ward 5 councillor. The Newmarket Skatepark Community Association Once again a growing group of people of all ages working in harmony with the town in the development of a brand new outdoor skatepark. This group is an excellent example of people of all ages and the town having a common goal and working together to make it happen.      

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