The Battle ahead – what I am asking of you, the people of Ward 5

I have always put duty ahead of my own wants. Ask my family.

I have and always will pay for my own lunch. Might buy you yours though.

I am stubborn, perhaps naively so, that I do not want peoples money. I will spend as much as I can, but as I will when I am ward 5 councillor – within a fixed budget.

But here is what I do want.

  1. Take time to look over my site. What you see here is me. I have had input from a few close wise friends, but what you read here are my words and at times not the greatest grammar. If you see a better way of wording what I mean, what we both see as good honest ideas – let me know. You see this entire site is maintained and created by me.
  2. I have signs. I want to give as many of them away as I can. Please ask for one and if want more for your street – that would be awesome. Hopefully when I drop them off we can talk.
  3. Tell people about me – be honest.
  4. Join me. I have a group of people behind me – let’s make it a small army.
  5. VOTE. As I have said before even if not for me please get out and Vote.
  6. These next 2 months are going to be one of the greatest challenges I will ever face, but with your support, be it helping get the word out to walking with me down your street I look forward to meeting more people, listening to what they have to say and by mid October being YOUR VOICE on council.

My sincere, honest thanks for reading this and any help you can offer.

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