No one should be left out of having fun.

A member of my family was born with a disability, and to this day I am so very proud of what his family did and continue to do – they raised him just like a regular kid and have given him every opportunity to be just that.

The world is bastard at times, a lot of the time, and to say the world is fair is lunacy but if you want to give all kids a chance, a shot at kicking all that’s bad in the arse – they should not be forced to sit on the sidelines and watch.

Our playgrounds as they are, when they are open and not sinking into the ground like this one:


are not inclusive nor accessible to all kids. In today’s world that’s not right.

Having an inclusive/accessible playground is a core “want” I have. And it’s a big one as this sort of thing is not done on the cheap – cannot be done on the cheap. So we start small and let it grow….you know just like kids do.

What I want is to start with one inclusive/accessible play park, and no not some mini version of Wonderland. I want some swings (not gated off like the above) that all kids can swing on, something called a roller table which is sort of a horizontal slide to get kids moving, and sensory panels (the ones with steering wheels and giant clock gears to spin and pull). And whatever we start with we set it all up on a surface that is accessible to all.

What kid does not like to swing? And why should they not all be allowed to have a turn?



Gallery of My Newmarket

Here is a selection of images I have taken of Newmarket since moving here near 6 years ago now. Check back from time to time to see where I will end up next.



The perils of becoming too insulated

I have worked at the same company now for 15+ years. Have driven to it using cars I bought and paid for, with every single Petro point and Esso extra dollar earned on my own many many dimes. For years I have been bringing in “treats” for staff, and now with my garden in full warped bloom add to it tomatoes and such (see below), staff and neighbours all get a taste.

I do this because I care. I do this because I can.

Other than being having required hardware and software upgrades reimbursed to the exact dollar and cents (could not wait for purchasing) I have never had an expense account, never been privy to a slush fund.

If I am elected Ward 5 councilor that will not change.

I cannot understand how current council can actually justify such.

It’s the sense of entitlement, becoming insulated behind the library-quiet walls of Town Hall. Being already paid a more than fair wage and then to take a little more by simply asking/making everyone ante up more taxes every year that makes me see red.

Knowing that during an election “promise(s)” and “honesty” are big words that eventually peter out and ring hollow, I can honestly say that if I am Ward 5 councilor and would even for a moment think to expense a lunch, or even less, I would actually feel sick to my stomach.

Expense accounts (those that have them I salute you) have their place in this world: its called the private sector.

I am surrounded everyday by people working more for less and less return – that is reality. Being their voice on council, being paid with their continually harder earned tax dollars and then grabbing that little bit more, knowing they cannot, is just not right.

the tomatoes 1
I grow them and share them because I can. From my own pocket.


What to do with the Clock Tower – written by someone who has no cards in this game.

As stated on my main page I think the 7 story proposal is stupid. Very little chance I can try and spin that statement any other way to suit my needs at a later date so if you want a big tumour of a building to loom over our slice of nostalgia then move along to one of the other candidates.

I don’t want this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 11.52.58 PM

Now of course this is not what it might eventually look like (this is my own rendering) but for now I offer this up as something that shows what 7 stories will look like as it blots out the sky and based on the drawing submitted will have about as much nostalgic integration as a 1980’s strip mall.

Oh did I mention that NO ONE that I have talked too, both the people who own stores and property on Main, or the residents that live on it or in some of the fine homes that run just off it want this thing?

But do not think that means that people want the clock tower to continue to get more soggy and sad and forlorn. No they and I want is responsible development that abides by the current by-law that our current council intelligently put in place. It’s simple: rework the place, freshen it up, get rid of the mildew but keep it to 3 stories and make it all look like it is supposed to be there.

Add to this part of Main street something to behold – not just a box for someone to profit from at the cost of so many it hurts just thinking about it.

This particular subject makes me angry when I try and listen to those who think 7 stories (or even higher) is a good idea. Angry enough that not only I am an official paid member of the Newmarket branch of the Architectural Conservancy Ontario (the only affiliation I have) but took both the time to create the above to get the ball rolling I also put this together…..


Like said before I don’t just talk, tweet or shake hands – I actually do. And the day this was presented to council I was not even there. How many other candidates would miss out on such glory? I built the model not for my ego. I built it over way too many hours late at night as that is how much I believe it is wrong (and further how it is being misrepresented to the people of Newmarket) and with the enough people believing in the same this bastard will never exist other than in the poster board model I made.