Welcome to my new site – new look and ideas but as always: no BS.


Thanks for stopping by my official site for my 2016 run as your Ward 5 councillor here in Newmarket. Here you will see my ideas, my likes and not so much likes about our fine town, but as the header says one of my driving forces is simple: no BS.

You are not going to find a big pile of selfies with me acting like I had something to do with things that I didn’t, shaking hands with people as if I had known them for years if I just met them a moment before the photo was taken.

You see I am NOT a politician. Odd thing to write for someone who is up against currently now 7 other people vying for your vote.

I am, to put it bluntly – you.

I am with you on the 404 (or sometimes Woodbine or Bayview or Leslie) for the commute into and out of the GTA each morning 5-6 times a week. I am like you in line at No Frills more often than Metro, huge fan of Dollarama, but also a dinner at the Keg. And No, no company or brand knows who I am or gives a damn that I am running in this by-election.

I do not eat out more times than not, I go on youtube to try and fix things and at work, I speak to customers and present well but I also come home with hands rough and stained with work. I lead others by getting in there and doing, not standing back and watching.

I give when I can to charities and even when it is enough for a tax receipt I’ll take a pass for is that really charity? I am pissed at slow drivers in the passing lane on the highway(s) but if I drive faster than 40 on the side streets where the children play call me on it the next time you see me.

No, I am not a politician. I have no affiliation/support with any special interest groups here except this one

I was on the board of NTAG and am now on hopefully permanent sabbatical to focus on this election. If you do not know who/what NTAG is and you live in Newmarket you should. I would like to think that my time with NTAG has given me more insight into what can be done at city hall to further give greater value back to each taxpayer.

Read that again – no affiliation with any groups political, place specific or otherwise. I think that is very important. My allegiance (besides to my family and friends) is to the good people throughout this town, focused for now on those that live in Ward 5.

I think that for too long the wards of this town have been represented by those who had more influence, more money, more suits that fit, just more.

Those “more” are a minority that ride on the backs of those who work 2 jobs, grab as many shifts as they can so they do not have to live pay cheque to paycheque every month. People who have not had a cost of living increase in forever and yet have to pay more and more in taxes each year, dipping further into funds that were for a holiday, a new fridge – some comfort.

Those “more” do not speak for me – they never have.

So back in 2014 I did something about it. I ran in Ward 5, the ward I live in, and quite frankly when the votes were in I was beyond crushed on paper. I joked that Roger Maris and I had one thing in common – 61.

61 votes is what I ended up with in 2014 – not quite the 61 home runs Maris had, but those 61 said something to me.

From the few people I did speak too, a ward that I walked hard but in the end did not walk every street and spoke only to people who happened to be out front of their home as I approached (and I walked slowly so they had time to escape),  61 people decided to back a guy who was out of his depth, and as green to campaigning as I wish my front lawn would be but isn’t.

A guy who had/still has no real money for a campaign, no backing, worked his 9-5 as hard as ever (did not ask for a break from my job as none was coming or expected) and walked the streets handing out my flyers until dark – at times actually got lost from being so tired. And kept going.

You know – just like you.

If I sound like someone you want to talk to, or better still vote for – that’s awesome.

I thank you for taking the time to read this.

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My actual one and only cell 416 835 9822