Too long things have stayed the same. Council meetings are comfortable and short with at best mild, polite debate – too easy.

It’s surreal.

Everything I am, everything I have I have fought for, worked for, sacrificed for. Just like you.

And I had help.

Be it from the loving upbringing by my Mom, making sure her children did not want for anything using common sense and a frugal purse.

The powerful work ethic, like a core of steel,  I inherited from my grandparents.

My almost physical disdain to not lie. I have my entire professional life, always put my wish to help and serve others, to just get things done – first.

And now, I want to serve my ward, my home, my neighbours – my friends.

I want all residents, of the entire ward, to be heard and represented fairly and without any pre-existing agendas.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Photo of my Mom, my sister my 2 nieces, my sister’s husband and his father and my giant head which has since had a haircut and a shave.