Back in the old country…right here in Newmarket

Back when I was a kid, I used to spend a lot of my summers with my grandparents back in Munich (Moms side of the family is German).

One of things that I looked forward to and that still burns warmly in my heart were all the platzes/squares that were pedestrian only.

Service, police and emergency vehicles were the only ones allowed access to these wide open spaces, filled with people enjoying the air, the architecture and all the small what we now call pop-up stores.  From souvenirs to all manner of foods to shoe shines to well pretty much everything – it was all bonus to all the permanent stores that themselves had all sorts of sidewalk enticements. Even just walking a few blocks could fill a day.

Now that scale of pedestrian only zones might sound improbable but even in the smallest dorf/town those squares, places to just meet up and chat and wander a bit taking everything in exist.

Having main street blocked off temporarily a few times every year should not be as rare anymore. I would like to see the base of Main street pedestrian only on as many weekends as possible from mid June till end of August. And based on the success of this for the first year I would look then to blocking off the base of Main street for an entire month in summer.

Each weekend eat and drink on patios and enjoy everything from buskers to other live entertainment showcasing the many fantastic musicians, young and old,  as well as displays of art and movement we have right here in Newmarket.

I want people also to be able to see new technologies and green initiatives from all over the GTA. To be able to see them up front & in action – just how close the future really is.


downtown everyweekend in summer

What do you want to see showcased on Main Street? Post in the comments.



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