Bag signs as is are just not doing it for me – here is what I think are better ideas.

Wrote about the limp bag signs back in 2016. Having worked in graphic design for almost 20 years these things as is are more of a distraction than anything as the design overall is not impactful enough.

And using the safety cone (that eats up almost half of the actual sign) makes little sense as cartoon characters like this speak to children –  not the adults that are speeding along on our side streets.

So back then I redid the sign, made them bigger and got rid of ‘toon. Would still prefer speed humps and actual STOP signs.

Looking at the post again now in 2018 I would like to point out a few more things. Note that the Maximum 40 sign in the background is set high and is blocked by the tree that has grown in the years since  the sign was put in place. The sign, like so many, is either partially hidden or has been there for so long that it blends into the background.

Lower the speed limit signs position so they are more in the sight line of cars, prune away branches that obstruct the signs. Brighten the bag signs up and keep the message BOLD and short.  Changes like these will bring attention to people.

You tell me? Which version grabs your attention and STANDS OUT?

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 12.06.48 PM

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