The Clock Tower – here is more what I think fits and what the Street could handle

Over this past weekend I took it upon myself to step away from the actual pounding of pavement of this ward to pounding the keys of my computer (actually mostly mouse work) so that I could better visualize what I think is more of what Main street wants instead of the giant 7 story bloat no one asked for.

Behold I give you “The Clock Tower-with extra clock tower down Park Ave and a massive open terrace on the roof.


Again this is not an actual plan but with as much care and scale as I could adhere to and muster, I created something that does not overwhelm Main street, does not need nearly as much time to build and would also not require the now proposed digging down 3 stories to accommodate all the parking that the much larger 7 storey design would require.

During this by-election others may think a deal is already done, while other candidates are either jumping on the 3 stories not 7 bandwagon late, or are not stating their position with any clarity either way. There is only one candidate who has been consistent and unwavering since before the by-election was called and is your strongest voice to preserve the heritage of Main street and ensure developers abide by the 3 storey height limit: that guy would be Me.


What to do with the Clock Tower – written by someone who has no cards in this game.

As stated on my main page I think the 7 story proposal is stupid. Very little chance I can try and spin that statement any other way to suit my needs at a later date so if you want a big tumour of a building to loom over our slice of nostalgia then move along to one of the other candidates.

I don’t want this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 11.52.58 PM

Now of course this is not what it might eventually look like (this is my own rendering) but for now I offer this up as something that shows what 7 stories will look like as it blots out the sky and based on the drawing submitted will have about as much nostalgic integration as a 1980’s strip mall.

Oh did I mention that NO ONE that I have talked too, both the people who own stores and property on Main, or the residents that live on it or in some of the fine homes that run just off it want this thing?

But do not think that means that people want the clock tower to continue to get more soggy and sad and forlorn. No they and I want is responsible development that abides by the current by-law that our current council intelligently put in place. It’s simple: rework the place, freshen it up, get rid of the mildew but keep it to 3 stories and make it all look like it is supposed to be there.

Add to this part of Main street something to behold – not just a box for someone to profit from at the cost of so many it hurts just thinking about it.

This particular subject makes me angry when I try and listen to those who think 7 stories (or even higher) is a good idea. Angry enough that not only I am an official paid member of the Newmarket branch of the Architectural Conservancy Ontario (the only affiliation I have) but took both the time to create the above to get the ball rolling I also put this together…..


Like said before I don’t just talk, tweet or shake hands – I actually do. And the day this was presented to council I was not even there. How many other candidates would miss out on such glory? I built the model not for my ego. I built it over way too many hours late at night as that is how much I believe it is wrong (and further how it is being misrepresented to the people of Newmarket) and with the enough people believing in the same this bastard will never exist other than in the poster board model I made.