Pictures of me

There are not a lot of photos of me as the bulk of the time I am the one taking pictures…if you want to see some of my photos click here. I do have a favour to ask over the next while though if you like what I stand for and think I am an OK guy if you see me out and about –  please lets take a selfie together!
My Thanks to my fantastic sister, the majestic Glenn Rodger,  and my iphone for the above photos.

Who is Ron Eibel? Some fun facts

Some honest and hopefully fun facts about me:

I’m tall (6’4) and have had graying hair and a beard since my early 20’s. During winter I let my beard grow out so I look more like Santa – it amuses my nieces a teeny tiny bit. Also keeps my face warm.

I work in graphics/ am the manager of the graphic dept of a high-tech manufacturing/fulfillment company for now 19 years. Prior to that I had jobs from metal recycling to fixing Mac computers.

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