1. Our taxes ARE too high. My property taxes here are similar to what I was paying for my previous home in Thornhill that was more than twice its size. The town should, just like the company I work for and the companies I work with , do more and take less. Streamline, consolidate,  promote new blood instead of shuffling the old guard around. Everything from sourcing new vendors for supplies and empowering infrastructure projects locally (read this), every dollar found, every dollar saved counts.

2. Any and ALL large scale purchases of land or construction/refurbishment of anything other than required essential services and ongoing maintenance/upkeep thereof should be made public both on-line and in a open town hall meeting prior to a council vote. The residents should have some input into how their money is being spent/ how much more it is going to cost them. It’s called transparency.

3. Newmarket Theatre is under utilized and what shows/events that do happen are sparsely attended – did I  mention that it loses over $500,000 annually? The large venue needs to be promoted more effectively. We need  a professional management company to manage and promote the theatre and also offer insight/support into other seasonal events and promotion.

4. For the 2022 elections I would like to seriously explore the idea of consolidating the number of wards in Newmarket from the current 7 to 5 and then making the 5 councillor positions full time jobs – with an increase in salary. The job of serving the people of Newmarket should be a full time commitment.


1. The town library needs to be open 7 days a week, even if it is only during school season.  Also looking at the library as a place “not just for books” anymore the town/library should host a series of open houses with presentations from library and town staff as well as residents as to what they think the library of the future should / or should not be.  The current library is a well intentioned but a somewhat battered place that needs either some meaningful refurbishment – or a complete restart.

2. We need NEWMARKET DAY. I know the pride people have in this town and all the things that go on but sometimes there are too many events and too many things going on all at once. One event that is big enough to showcase a whole of  AWESOME that is Newmarket  would be the big THING for an entire weekend.

3. We need to look into making bus fares traveling within town limits reasonable. There is no way someone on a limited budget should need to pay $4.00 for a single fare and even understanding there is a program in place to offer reduced costs on passes the honest truth is some people cannot even afford that.

4. Here is my idea for not just a parking structure but what kind of structure we should be looking at. And with this in place I would very much like to then do this during the summer months.

The Environment.

1. All new housing/building developments, to offset the increasing costs of run-off / waste water charges must include rain gardens.  Our waste water charges will continue to increase and more development will continue to tax our already weary waterworks.

2. Expedite and aggressively enforce a comprehensive tree/urban canopy protection program. Here is an interesting article on the value of Toronto’s urban forest.

3. I really would like to be able to maybe see to the bottom of the shallows of Fairy Lake. Green poopy water just doesn’t do it for me.